Web Design Cardiff: The Design Of Your Website Is Very Important

Your websites design can affect whether or not a potential client makes a purchase, as 83% of consumers visit a company or services website before they make a purchase. The colours on your web page should convey you company’s brand as they have to be ones your audience will like. The fonts need to be easy to read and based on the feeling you want to convey. You will want to choose pictures and graphics which will display your company in the best light possible; plus the images and graphics need to be sharp and good quality. You want your design to be simple, but not too simple that it lacks appeal. Make sure that the design is user-friendly, so the navigation has to be straightforward and based on the way users will interact with the site. Keep the design of the site, this means fonts and images, consistent throughout the site. If you’d like professional web design in Cardiff click the link.

You should evaluate your website on a yearly basis like you would with your staff. Every few years you may want to update the design of your website and making slight changes on your website throughout the year, such as updating information and images or adding new products and services. The appearance, usability and accessibility of your website are important if you’re in a competitive market. As well as having a well-built website, you should want your website to stand out visually by branding.

There are many different areas of web design which can be used to help improve your website. Some of the areas are search engine optimisation, interface design, user experience design, and standardised code and propriety software. Normally website designers will work in teams to cover the different part of the process, although some like to work alone and cover all of the areas themselves. Web design partly overlaps web engineering in the broader scope of web development. Web designers are expected to have an awareness of usability and if their role involves creating mark up, then they are expected to be up to date with all of the guidelines. Marketing and communication on a website may help to identify what works for the target audience; the target audience may be a specific age group, gender or culture. Web designers normally choose to limit the different website typefaces which they use to a minimal amount instead of several, as they want to use similar styles. Most browsers recognise a specific number of safe fonts which designers usually use to avoid any complications.


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